President Robert Scott

Robert Scott is a nationally recognized scholar and teacher in the fields of contracts, commercial transactions and bankruptcy. Scott has delivered numerous papers and published extensively in law journals. He has co-authored five books on contracts and commercial transactions. Among his many articles are six that he co-authored with Prof. Charles Goetz that set the standard for the economic analysis of the law of contracts. Scott joined the Columbia faculty full-time in July 2006, accepting appointment as the Alfred McCormack Professor of Law and Director of the Center on Contract and Economic Organization. Prior to that time had been a frequent visiting professor at Columbia, most recently as Justin W. D'Atri Visiting Professor of Law, Business and Society from 2001-2006.

Scott served on the faculty of the University of Virginia School of Law from 1974 to 2006. He was Lewis F. Powell Jr. Professor of Law from 1982-2003. In 2003 he was named the inaugural recipient of the David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professorship. From 1988-90 he held an appointment to the University of Virginia's Center for Advanced Studies. Scott first joined the Virginia faculty in 1974 from a professorship at William & Mary School of Law, where he earned his and was editor-in-chief of the William & Mary Law Review.

Scott has been a fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences since1999 and is a life member of the fellows of the American Bar Foundation and a member of the American Law Institute. He served as a member of the Uniform Commercial Code Article 9 Study Committee and the Article 2 Drafting Committee. He has chaired the Association of American Law Schools' Sections on Contract Law, Law and Economics, and Commercial and Consumer Law. He also founded the Legal Studies Workshop at Virginia.

Scott served as dean of the Virginia Law School from 1991 to 2001. During his tenure, the Law School embarked upon a highly successful capital campaign, at the time raising more money than any other law school in history; completed a $50 million renovation of the Law Grounds; and instituted a number of curricular enhancements. He served as President of the American Law Deans Association from 1999-2001. In October 2004, Scott was presented the Thomas Jefferson Award, the highest honor granted by the University of Virginia.